1. The Catherine ring in Gold MeMe London

    Catherine ring - Gold


    The 'Catherine' ring. Gold plated brass with zircon baguette crystals. Learn More
  2. The Catherine ring in Silver MeMe London

    Catherine ring - Silver


    The 'Catherine' ring. Silver plated brass with zircon baguette crystals. Learn More
  3. Elika silver ring from MeMe London

    Elika Ring - Silver


    The 'Elika' ring. This 18k silver plated ring looks fabulous on any finger but especially cool on the thumb. Learn More
  4. The Melissa ring in cotton candy pinks - MeMe London

    Melissa Ring - Cotton candy pinks


    The 'Melissa' ring is made from 18k gold plated brass, and is detailed with a faux pearl and coloured crystals. Learn More
  5. The Priscilla ring, MeMe London

    Priscilla Ring


    The 'Priscilla' ring. A square, 18k gold plated brass ring set with a large faux pearl. Learn More
  6. Soulmate Signet Ring

    Soulmate Signet Ring


    Our Soulmate signet ring was designed to act as a reminder of gratitude towards the universe for bringing you the one you love or to attract your one and only. The Soulmate ring bares a flaming heart surrounded by fuchsia crystals. Each ring has also been designed to fit all sizes. Learn More